BOH Tea - Calm Widget (Desktop App)

Client: BOH   |   Agency: M&C Saatchi (Malaysia)   |   Year: 2012

This widget simulates the calmness brought about by Boh Camomile Tea on the desktop of a hurried person. Once the widget is downloaded, the user connects using Facebook, by doing this, the widget can access data and information from the user's profile, generating a compilation of their interests. When the frenetic pounding on the user's keyboard exceeds a set sound level for a certain time, the widget senses the user is stressed, it automatically pops open on the desktop and shows the user a stressed photograph of him/her (via the user's webcam) and suggests he/she relax. It then helps calm the user by pulling entertaining content based on the user's interests from YouTube, Flickr,Twitter, and other websites. Users can share the widget's calming influence with friends, thus spreading the calm.

My role: Ideas, Art Direction, Design

Malaysian Kancils (Silver x 2, Bronze, Merit)
AdFest (Finalist)
Ad Stars Award (Finalist x2)


Case Study Video